The lettered programming languages

A – array oriented language
B – almost extinct. It was essentially BPCL, made to write the coding for UNIX
C – well known
D – re-engineering of C++
E – pure object oriented model for secure distributed computing
F – subset of Fortran
G – more famously know as LabVIEW and the interesting part- there is one more programming language Deesel which first called itself G and is still sometimes referred as G
H – no such language I came across
I – no such language I came across
J – developed for mathematical, statistical and logical analysis of data
K – mixture of APL and a functional programming language
L – not sure, Wiki says many languages call themselves L and googling also gives the same answer
M – built by MS for building textual domain-specific languages
N – no such language I came across – but we have n prolog
O – no such language I came across
P – no such language I came across
Q – interpreted, functional programming language
R – statistical computing and graphics and it is an implementation of S programming language
S – obvious from R, S is also a statistical computing language
T – a dialect of “Scheme” programming language to test the thesis developed by Steele and Sussman
U – no such language I came across
V – AI based. It’s being developed.
W – new form of assembly language that isn’t actually an assembly language. It’s type-less and has no keywords. The only ‘type’ it has is ‘word’
X – declarative, functional and imperative programming. You just have to write what you want. I don’t know how exact is it in it’s claim.
Y – used for peephole optimizers(remember the optimizers in compiler design? more or less the same thing). I am waiting for my ACM account to know more about it.
Z – stack based with its main motto being performance

Damn!! What the heck? Don’t these guys find any other interesting name for the languages? Now what? 1,2,3,4.. (sleeping 8 ) ?


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