The All Task Manager (blogosphere’s so called God Mode)

One of the coolest features that Vista incorporated was All Task Manager. Though unknown to almost all of its users, this is one cool feature that will bring down the whole of Control Panel to your feet and that too according to your convenience.

Take a sneak peek in one such manager. 🙂

All Tasks

The only thing that I did was created a new folder and named it as “I am God.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. 😀 Well, you can give any name instead of “I am God” 😀 totally your wish.. But, the code (CLSID) should be same (there is no space between the ‘.’ and the CLSID).

With this simple tweak, the power is now on your fingertips.. not hidden somewhere in your pocket so that you will have to dig in and find out to use it! And, this is just one! There are in fact 50+! And among them 24 surely work on Win Vista and 38 on Win 7 without any extra support. The best part is that these shortcuts automatically detect their icons without setting it externally. Other remaining managers do require some extra support (hardware/software).

All Tasks Manager

This snap shot is a collection of all those tweaks that work on Win Vista and later. Those which work on Win 7 and upcoming versions are snapped below.

Win 7

Hard luck XP users! Windows has no such support for you guys.

Listing down all such CLSID is tough. I will better give you the link where you can find out all the canonical names (this is what MS calls it).

Link –> click here.

Be GOD of your Windows and have fun and do drop your comments. 🙂