The Must Have in Linux

Everytime I install a distribution of Linux (generally Fedora) on someone’s system, the first question that the owner asks me after the installation is what other software he may need apart from the ones already installed. Well, this post is more about those extra applications. This post covers almost everything that one may need. If you feel, I have missed out on something, you can add a comment and I will add that up in this list.


I start off with this simple script that will help you get rid of most of your headache. Flash, Google Earth, Skype, audio-video codecs, VirtualBox, Imagination, DropBox – It installs just about all the daily usage things. The only catch is it works only for Fedora.


The browser that you just cannot miss on is Chrome. Yes, Firefox is already there on most of the distros but you just cannot miss this one.


A drop-down console that keeps your terminal on your fingertips. While Guake is meant for Gnome, Yakuake is meant for KDE.


It’s like the list is never complete if you don’t see VLC there. This amazing open-source player is almost on all the systems be it a Mac, Windows, Linux or any other UNIX implementation.

Amarok (with gnome plugins)

Talk about songs, one just can’t forget Amarok. Though intended for KDE desktops, it works equally well on Gnome. The lack of multimedia key support in Gnome can also be done away with the gnome multimedia keys script.


Again Okular is there to support the .chm files, but it comes no way near xchm. Try it to to see the difference.


XBMC media center is another open-source media hub for the TV experience on your laptop. The skins are so beautiful that you will definitely fall in love with it.


This freely available virtualizer is a must for any geek (be a tech or non-tech). Try new operating system or run a Windows software, you will definitely find this handy.


Another virtualizer but with extra command over hardware which thus leads to higher data transfer speed. Even the network(ing) and the network configuration are also easier.


Qemu is both an open-source emulator and virtualizer. If you are a tech geek, you must give this a try.


Wine lets you run your Windows applications straight on your Linux. Though not an emulator in strict sense as it does not emulate each processor instruction as any other emulator would, it provides the software libraries which Windows software may require during installation. It still is under active development.


This will add the rar codec for extracting the rar archives.


A comic book geek? Well, these cbr and cbz readers are definitely for you.


If you are a heavy internet user who downloads stuff from rapidshare, mediafire, hotfile or any such file-sharing sites everyday, then this download manager will be a boon for your daily dose.


As name says, it is a freely available dictionary which will always be running in the notification area for your help.


This is a fully-fledged IDE, completely written in Java. PHP, Java, C/C++, Groovy or Ruby – you can do your development with this IDE.


HandBrake is an open-source media converter with a clean and simple interface. You can also convert your media files to the mkv container format.


GParted is a partitioning software to create, resize, move, delete, format and reformat your partitions. It can also format a partition with NTFS file system.


RecordMyDesktop is a desktop session recorder which is both easy to use and configure. It comes in both command-line and GUI mode.


A powerful encryption software that can be used to create on-the-fly encrypted volumes and partitions/drives.

Super Grub Disk

This will come in real handy when you are in need of a System rescue. It will help in restoring your boot loader.

And as a download manager don’t forget to add DownThemAll to your firefox.

One more thing that I would like to add is that, while configuring your ppp modem, the libusb1-devel rpm/deb file is generally missing on your system. So, don’t forget to install that before you start configuring your ppp modem.

I also felt like including the softwares like GIMP, Brasero, ffmpeg, Totem, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Transmission/KTorrent and nmap. But they generally come bundled with almost all the distributions. Well, you may also enlist your recommendations in the comments if I have missed on a few. I will re-update this list accordingly. 🙂